Welcome to Zen Waffle Inn (NOT really an inn)! – Live in the Living Room!

Brooklyn Doran & Midnight Vesta

Saturday September 30, 2017 (7:30 PM)

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BROOKLYN DORAN and MIDNIGHT VESTA are out and about on their ‘Seconds Tour’ from coast to coast.
Make plans to come see them in the living room at the ZWI; bring a friend!
Combining the upbeat, driving nature of indie rock with the creative lyricism and charisma of folk music, Midnight Vesta effortlessly capture attention the minute they step on stage” – Canadian Beats (2016)

“Doran’s voice is light, sweet and full of a sense of mischief that you can’t help but be enchanted by” – Listen with Monger (2015) 

Sliding scale donation to the artist $15 to $20.
Call 705.538.1463 to reserve seats and get directions, or email info@zenwaffleinn.ca