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FRÄNDER is an old Swedish word referring to both family and kindred as well as fellow humans. Swedish siblings Natasja Dluzewska (vocals, fiddle), Gabbi Dluzewski (string instruments, vocals), Daniel Dluzewski (bass, vocals) joined by Estonian Säde Tatar (flute, vocals), create beautiful, haunting, lyrical Swedish-Estonian folk music: Watch these youtube videos!

FRÄNDER is a new (2015) group with an old soul.

They formed the band in 2015, immediately hosted an international competition in Estonia, played at the Swedish embassy in Guatemala, and in 2017 released their first album. FRÄNDER world tour 2018 was a huge success–you may have seen them at Mariposa!

FRÄNDER is Back In Canada for their November tour, having just played in the Canary Islands at World Music Expo. Join us at the Zen Waffle Inn for a world-class concert!


This concert was held on Sunday November 04, 2018 (1:00 PM).