Noah Zacharin

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Noah Zacharin is a widely-acclaimed guitar master, splitting his time between Toronto, the road, and an off-grid cabin on the Canadian Shield, and he’s stopping by the ZWI living room this March!

Noah is “a stunning guitarist…no stylistic boundaries” (Holger Peterson, CBC, StonyPlain Records), “a wonderful songwriter and performer” (Paul Mills, Borealis Records), “a poet, a songwriter, a singer we have been waiting for” (the late Penny Lang), “a wonderfully musical player” (Randy Finney, TFGA founder), “in a league of his own” (Brian Gladstone, Winterfolk Festival founder), “one of the best songwriters this country has produced” (the late great Rick Fielding, recording artist, radio host).

For a taste of Noah’s mastery, listen to these videos, then book your seats!

SERFA showcase

Acoustic Village performance

Decade of Songs at the Free Times Café

Yellow Door Coffeehouse 50th anniversary

This concert was held on Saturday March 09, 2019 (7:30 PM).